AP Lang for me was an adventure, kind of like an exotic meal. The entree being pleasant to my brain's palate, the main course being tough to chew and much harder to swallow, and the dessert being the ultimate completion of a well prepared three course meal. The Entree At the beginning of this school … Continue reading Dessert


From one cook to another

Dear Diana, Debbie, and Yaning Hey, it's the new kid...well not really, I'm not new anymore. I'd like to thank you for being one of the first people to make me feel welcome in the AP lang (Advanced Placement language and Composition) class. I remember thinking on the first day "Nice, I'm gonna sit alone." … Continue reading From one cook to another

One meal consumed in two different ways

After years of oppression at the hands of the French, francophone West Africa was able to obtain its freedom. However even after being "freed", some francophone West African leaders believe France still holds their lands and people by a leash. To them the CFA franc(currency introduced during colonial period which has become the current currency … Continue reading One meal consumed in two different ways

A knife in the Chef’s hands…

As technology evolves, people find new ways to entertain themselves. Before television there was the radio and before the radio there were books. Each form of technology(anything humans develop to facilitate and better their life experience) served educational purposes(news on the radio, documentaries on television, and broad knowledge found in books) but also induced a … Continue reading A knife in the Chef’s hands…